Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine is Completely Safe

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine human trial started in April 2020 with thousands of participants recruited to test the vaccine globally. The Oxford University partnered with the British-Sweden pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca to produce ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 coronavirus vaccine with the aim of fighting COVID-19 without posing any health risk in people that get the vaccine. The results from the phase III trial published in the lancet on dec 8, 2020 revealed that ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is completely safe and effective against symptomatic COVID-19.

“Today, we have published the interim analysis of the phase III trial and show that this new vaccine has a good safety record and efficacy against the coronavirus. We are hugely grateful to our trial volunteers for working with us over the past 8 months to bring us to this milestone” Said, the Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and Chief Investigator of the Oxford Vaccine Trial professor Andrew Pollard.

The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 coronavirus vaccine is also known to generate a very strong immune response in healthy adults between the age of 56 – 69 and those above 70 years according to the data from the phase III trail published in the lancet. Older adults are usually susceptible to severe illnesses and deaths from COVID-19 but the huge immune response they produced after getting the vaccine will lower their chances of COVID-19 complications and deaths.

The Investigator at Oxford Vaccine Group and Consultant Physician, Dr Meheshi Ramsamy said “Older adults are a priority group for COVID-19 vaccination, because they are at increased risk of severe diseases but we know that they tend to have poorer vaccine responses”. She also added that “We are pleased to see that our vaccine was not only well tolerated in older adults, it also stimulated similar immune response to those seen in younger volunteers.

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine provided up to 70.4% protection against COVID-19 in a combined dose regimen. The Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soriot said “Today marks an important milestone in our fight against the pandemic. This vaccine’s efficacy and safety confirmed that it will be highly effective against COVID-19 and will have an immediate impact on this public health emergency. Furthermore the vaccine’s simple supply chain and our nonprofit pledge and commitment to broad equitable and timely access means it will be affordable and globally available supplying hundreds of millions of doses on approval”.

Therefore from our research here, it is important to note that the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine is completely safe and provide a high level of protection against COVID-19.

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